The Purple Velvet Rope

Exclusivity is a word that never really mattered to me much. Like when a retailer will send you an invite to an exclusive sale or you receive an invitation to a private club. The overpriced sections at any event that are marked off by that infamous red velvet rope that tricks you into thinking that one side is different than the other. The area where only V.I.P.’s are allowed, and for the rest of the crowd the space is off limits. To tell you the truth I never felt any envy towards the folks that got behind that rope. I’ve always believed in freedom of choice. Those are my views, what are yours? Have you ever been in a place and you felt like you were on the wrong side of the rope? We all have in one instance or another. However when you think about it, limitation isn’t always a bad thing.

As women we should all have limits. Our individual set of standards that keep us safe and on the right track. We all know that there are certain people, places, and things that should be restricted. Women need to have a purple velvet rope of denied access. This rope makes all visitors aware of our standards at the gate. It also can act as a boundary reminder for your piece of mind. We are all guilty of it, making excuses for one’s behavior or giving out too many passes for transgressions. Especially in those romantic situations where the male species is concerned. Perhaps you allow folks to convince you to do something or go places that you aren’t comfortable with or just don’t belong for the sake of being a team player. The scenario’s listed above are all one’s that I’m familiar with, and I’m sure you can relate. Only if we would have just saved our self some time and heart ache by accepting the fact that those people, places and or things just don’t serve us well in the end no matter the packaging presented in the beginning.

Purple is a color that is synonymous with royalty, sacredness, and elegance. All women should feel like that on a daily basis. Nothing and no one should possess enough importance above your own well-being. When you settle for less in the beginning you end up with less than you deserve. Establishing and respecting your values are a direct reflection of how you feel and see yourself. Only you can decide who and what is worthy of your time and space. Time and space are two luxuries that we often take for granted. A woman knowing thy self is the greatest education on earth. When your inner sanctum is nurtured and worshiped by you properly then you will appreciate your resources more, and enjoy the power of deciding to be you and only you. No matter what the masses do, say, wear, and or go you can stand behind your rope before making any moves. Now ladies go deep inside, and take inventory of what you will and won’t tolerate. Develop your house rules and issue the disclaimer in the front, so there will be no confusion after the game of life from this moment begins. Wall off a V.I.P. area in your spirit, and mark the spot with your own purple velvet rope!

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