Soul of a Hanger

Creating my own customized piece to hang on the wall or to display around my home brings me such pleasure and excitement. A work of art that screams my personality from the rooftops like my own highly paid marketing agent. That rush of adrenaline that you feel during the process, and the pride that beams from your smile while you inspect your new dresser that was painted for you by you. For me this gives decorating a whole new meaning! DIY projects for the home are the best part of crafting to me, besides the purchasing of the materials for the project. Everything is going great until you reach the part where the instructions read measure blah, blah, blah inches. I don’t know about you but I hate having to measure things. Just the sheer thought of having to use a tape measure causes me a great deal of anxiety. If you’re anything like me you decide to skip that part and eyeball it like one of the cooks on the t.v. does with the herbs. Well that’s a bad idea because now the holes for my hardware are off centered. Have you ever heard the expression” measure once or cut twice”?

Sometimes cutting corners or trying to duplicate the actions of another doesn’t always work well for you.
I like to think of self-expression in the same way that it should always be your own. Your style should be a DIY project that is performed on a daily basis. The wardrobe that you are building or have built should reflect your personality as well as your mood. Good garments should possess two things; quality and good vibes! Everything that you put on your body from your undergarments to your outerwear should conjure up a positive frequency in you from the time of purchase to the time of use.
When selecting clothing items for purchase in a way that will not only make your wardrobe work for you, but also make you look your best is to buy what compliments you not everyone else. Do away with outside pressure of wearing popular brands just because society promotes that. Absorbing inspiration is very different than being influenced by another, just keep that in mind. Utilize the best tool at your disposal which is the mirror. Allow the mirror to help you to choose what’s fly for you and your body type. Just because a certain trend appears on your timeline or is worn by a celebrity doesn’t mean it will work for you or your budget. Don’t get it twisted there is nothing wrong with wearing luxury or popular items as long as you’re wearing them because you love them, and not just to give you status. Self-Expression is derived from the inside out, and not the outside in. There is a huge difference in your self-worth and your net-worth. Take time to get to really know yourself, and develop your style from that person’s perspective. You determine your self-worth moment to moment, and choice by choice by choice, and not by what’s in your closet. Once you realize your worth then it will be very easy to express your rainbow of moods through your different outfit ensembles. One of my favorite fashion quotes is “Fashions fade, but style is eternal” (Saint Laurent).

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