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Flygirl Glitter’s (FGG) mission is to educate, and empower Black Women with the tools and knowledge of how owning their spirituality combined with their sexuality will empower them with true love. We at FGG believe that women’s possibilities are limitless when she operates from a place of bravery, strength, and self-worth.  All of our programs and services are designed to introduce women to a new prospective of viewing life. Our clients are encouraged to begin living life inside out, rather than outside in by building a foundation anchored in the Shakti Energy.  The spiritual journey that the feminine psyche endures at Flygirl Glitter highlights the body, glitzes the mind, and infuses confidence into the soul!
What is Shakti/Kundalini Energy? Hey ladies, did you know that we have an untapped power that lies dormant inside of us? Our womb holds a sacred energy called Shakti! Shakti is a life-force energy , and the true essence of sexuality that exist in women. This energy allows us to utilize the energy of our womb for more than the birth of life, but also the birth of our ideas and visions. The sheer magic of Shakti is a guide for the feminine which will awaken and transform your innate individual self to realize the purpose of your soul, and provide you with the courage to live in your truth in every aspect of your life!


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Sexuality Coaching Services:

Girl Tools Package:

1. Push Up Bra: 3 wk. program that enhances sexual Prowess infused with spiritual essence - $224.00
2. Lace Thong: 4 wk. a program that gives tools to teach better Interaction with Men on a more nurturing level - $400.00
3. Fishnet's - 6wk program that will free all inhibitions - $350.00
4. Garter Belt: 6 wk program which will give you more confidence in your everyday body, and doing sexual encounters - $350.00

Naughty Instructions:
1. Thigh Hight Stiletto - 30 min coaching session on sexual practices - $150.00
2. Whips -n- Chains - 30 min coaching session on Fetiches - S150.00

All billing transactions will be handled through PayPal invoice. All major credit and debit cards are accepted.





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Relevant Label

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The Letter I is no longer free!

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Waistline Shrinker Smoothie Recipe

Waistline Shrinker

1 handful Kale

½ cup Sweet Potatoes, cooked

1 tsp Chia Seed

1 tsp Super Food Protein

½ tsp Cinnamon

½ inch Ginger

1 cup Unsweetened Almond Milk

½ cup Water

Keeps Waistline Cute


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