Peas are a veggie that doesn’t always get its praise in my personal opinion. It’s not the most popular green veggie. Kale, Broccolini, and even Asparagus are all the rage, and the pea just sits on the side lines barely noticed. I love peas, especially my Aunt’s famous pea soup. She always indulges my craving request for a batch to ease my occasional desires for the green goodness. Auntie would hand over my bowl with instructions & suggestions including how to reheat, the best bread to eat with it, and most importantly how long the soup keeps in the fridge before becoming rancid. The last batch that I had I was enjoying, however after a few consecutive days I usually take a break, freeze the remainder, and enjoy it another time. Life got in the way, and yep you guessed it I let it spoil. When I took the lid off that bowl the smell hit my nostrils and I was reminded of the meaning of true stink. Imagine the combination of a skunk spray, and the passing of a garbage truck on the hottest day. Now you feel my pain.

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That horrible smell clung to the deepest inner spaces of my smelling body part, and somehow made its way down to the bottom of my stomach. I became nauseas immediately while being equally disgusted for wasting the goodness as I was with having it sit in the ice box for that long unnoticed. I discarded the contents of the container, as well as the container its self so fast you would have thought that I was in danger of having an allergic reaction. Like the pea soup hives, or something as gross. I felt like even after cleaning up I would still always remember that smell.
I was thankful that ridding my nose, fridge, and my life of that disturbing odor was as easy as dropping the container in the trash, and putting baking soda in the garbage disposal which eliminated the funk for good. I was thinking to myself if I ever encountered something that caused me to become so repulsed so quickly. I couldn’t put my finger on anything, but this thought pattern caused my mental juices to flow. What about other things that turn rancid that aren’t so easy to rid yourself of? For instance your heart, mentality, & your spirit. Yes those elements of you can become rancid just like the spoils of good food. Instead of mole, and odor, they become filled with paralyzing fear, jealousy, and negativity. When these peas of poison are allowed to fester within you unchecked everything that you come in contact with becomes soiled.
Those negative feelings, thoughts, and energies that have been stewing for years on boil eventually burn. Especially when left unattended this becomes a recipe for disaster, and the corrosion is now a full blown disease that spreads.
When was the last time you took inventory of everything, and discarded your Rancid Pea Stew?

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