Information is power, especially if it’s applied in the right manner. A certain group of facts compiled together can detail a great deal about you. For this reason that’s why so many of us I’m sure are very careful l with the truths that we share about ourselves, and our lives. Intimate particulars in the wrong hands or place could lead to all kind of negative results. In other situations revealing data about yourself, and your life is necessary, and unavoidable. In the times when you apply for those things such as jobs, classes, places to live etc…. The statistics on the application are put together to determine your qualifications or suitability. In most of those forenamed occurrences no matter the amount of data that you shared in the end will be minimized into two small categories’ Approved or Denied.

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In the span of most people’s lives we have all been labeled with both tags. While at the mercy of the entity with the power to decide your fate with one of those two impending words that really don’t express anything personal about you. These words are like many other labels that sort you into acceptable groupings that are more palatable to society. A lot of us accept being classified into one or the other. Some of us even try to acquire certain things, mannerism, appearances, and company so that we will appeal to the selector of the desired variety even if we don’t know who that is at any given moment. We will do unnecessary things to make ourselves more attractive to the unknown solicitor. However all of us start life with the most important label of all; our name. As we go through life, and become accustom to the external vibrations around us we begin the pursuit of adding to our title.

All the while never considering that what was needed to describe yourself you’ve always had available. When asked the simple question who are you? Most folk’s answer with I’m a doctor, lawyer, and an educated woman. Those responses are what you have achieved, or do for a living. Your name is who you are. Becoming more InTouch with yourself on an intimately internal level keeps you grounded in knowing that being you already makes you capable in this life. During our journey all that we acquire or accomplish isn’t needed to assign importance to our existence. The woman that’s seated in spirit knows that that’s all the power she needs behind her name. Let today be the first day that you rely solely on your tag given at birth. Put power behind your name, and let that speak for you instead.

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