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Where the core values and transformative ethos that define us are unveiled. It’s a space dedicated to sharing the story behind our inception, the passion that fuels our mission, and the visionary ideals we embody. Here, we invite you into our world, offering a glimpse into the philosophy of empowerment and self-discovery that motivates every aspect of our work. Discover the principles that guide us and the transformative impact we aspire to have on each individual we encounter.


Where being YOU is a superpower!

A Spiritual Awakening: The Connection Between Humanity and Nature

At Flygirl Glitter (FGG), we bring together the enthralling radiance of glitter and the profound embrace of the octopus to light up the path of self- discovery and erotic empowerment.

Founded on the transformative power
of recognizing and owning one’s sexuality, our philosophy shines bright like a trail of glitter – captivating, reflecting, and enlivening.

Michelle D. Royster:

Certified Self-Worth Coach, CEO


Ascend beyond limits, where the journey to self unfolds with each beat of your wings.


Her story transforms adversity into a tapestry of triumph, guiding others toward reclaiming their worth.


Shimmering with potential, every speck mirrors the dance of empowerment and joy within us.


For twenty-five years, I served in the Federal Government and Private Sector as a Human Resources Professional and Office Manager. Assisting people was gratifying, and I honed a wealth of transferable skills, yet there was a deep-seated torment within my spirit. This led me to a pivotal decision: I trained as a certified self-worth coach, aspiring to aid others more profoundly. Still, an oppressive shadow loomed over me—the ghost of my past I couldn’t escape.

I trudged through life, shackled by memories of youthful sexual trauma and the heavy residue of subsequent life-threatening events, which left me with crippling anxiety. Traditional therapy shed light on my psychological triggers and equipped me with coping strategies, but I remained hollow—disconnected from my own essence.

That’s when my path veered towards an unforeseen direction—a spiritual awakening linking humanity with nature. In my search for deeper understanding, I discovered a profound truth: my sexuality was not a shackle but a gateway, rich with potential for channeling emotions, energies, and identities.

Embracing my sexuality as a force as versatile and dynamic as an octopus, which excels at multitasking, I learned to master its influence—commanding it to empower every facet of my existence. I programmed and deprogrammed my being, directing my sexuality to serve me, rather than hinder me.

Flygirl Glitter was born out of this epiphany!

Now, I extend an invitation to you: join me on this transformative journey, where I’ll share the blueprint that reshaped my world.

Our Philosophy:

We believe in the remarkable power of sexuality, a life affirming force that
can bridge the gaps between the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects
of our existence. Through the wisdom of nature and the rich tapestry of
human experience, we’ve developed a revolutionary approach to self-
discovery and healing that we call the Glitter Framework.

Our Commitment:

With compassion, respect, and genuine understanding, Flygirl Glitter
commits to being your steadfast ally on this transformative odyssey.
Whether you are healing from trauma, seeking deeper self-understanding,
or wishing to empower your life through your sexuality, we are here to
support you with tools, guidance, and a community that cherishes your
complete self.

Embark on a journey of healing and empowerment with Flygirl Glitter,
where your true potential lies not just in embracing life but in becoming its
joyful architect.

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