As a young girl I was always a rebellious spirit, my mom actually says that it was from birth. Never taking anything at face value, not just questioning what I was told, but being determined to find my own way of doing things. I drove my poor mom crazy with the constant questions, and demands for proof. If I asked why, and she answered that would only lead to another why, and she would have to give me the enough for now look. Just because someone told me something was true or made the statement “that’s just the way things are” which is a statement that I still detest to this day, was just an invitation for me to challenge the status quo. Well I’m a full grown woman today, and not a lot in this way of thinking has changed. One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone tries to tell me where the line is drawn. I don’t mean people’s personal boundaries; I’m speaking of the situations when other people’s limits, perceptions, and marginalized thinking are served to me on a platter.

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Especially when they act like I’m supposed to take that platter with some type of gratitude, and eat it off in the corner quietly. Ummmm folks somebody told them wrong, and I feel it’s my duty to set the record straight. I know you are familiar with the infamous glass ceiling that must be shattered; well I refuse to accept that idea. If there is a glass ceiling than I am already training my psyche to be ready to start where the last person determined the race ends for me. Just because no one or only a small number of folks before me hasn’t done it before doesn’t mean that those actions or inactions chart my fate.
Being born a woman in a world dominated and designed for men is already a challenge so if you ask me just by existing the hard work is already being done. Not allowing the current conditions and or circumstances discourage you is just the starting point. The true fuel that keeps you in the race is Knowing Thy Self, and your power. That is the mentality that is needed to design your own lane, and to slay all the monsters that are brave enough to try hindering your progress. Our gender alone has afforded us an advantage that we don’t harness for our own advancement. Society has taught the female to take for granted one of the most powerful tools in our arsenal. The training is very subtle and hidden behind mask or labels like lady like, decent, classy, respectful, and the list goes on for days. It was almost a whispering voice that introduced us to this mentality while at the same time convincing us to be ashamed.
The word says her name is Vagina, that’s right I’m talking about the vagina. Sounds very non-threatening right? Ladies are you aware that the Latin meaning of the word Vagina means sheath or scabbard? Translated that means sword holder. I don’t know about you but the giver of life definitely deserves a better title. As women we need our own national/inter-national holiday, a mandatory day off once a week from all responsibility with the exception of being free, fun-filled, and beautiful, but I digress. I’m just trying to understand how a being that doesn’t own one gets to decide that a place for their genitals sums up the entire purpose of our Vulva. Personally I prefer that word when speaking about my homegirl. A vulva, a flower that is unique to its owner planted in us to provide sound and touch to the masses. She brings beauty to life literally.

The vulva is a warrior maker, and she is queen of everything living in the human race. That grand description is empowering, and this strength should be drawn on to propel you to bravery. The kind of bravery that should be reflected in every aspect of your life so that it can be used to overcome anything when you simply remember what you were created to do. What your body creates naturally and how we carry this life assignment with love.

Use this new perspective of the feminine being to decide for yourself who and what you are capable of. Don’t allow your growth to be checked by anyone or anything. Now this isn’t a guide on hating men, quite the contrary. Allow this new frequency to inspire you to encourage and uplift our men. Use this knowledge to infuse them with pride, strength, and leadership from your new position of power. If he doesn’t already possess this information then you can now inform him that society has told him wrong, and today class is in session. Your queenism is cemented so take your place while allowing him to be the King. Now don’t get things twisted by him being a king doesn’t mean that we stand behind, beneath, but rather beside him. Be radiant and confident in your femininity while demanding that everyone take notice. Know that your Vulva is softness while exuding power that should be not only treasured, but respected. Period!

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