May 2024


Information is power, especially if it’s applied in the right manner. A certain group of facts compiled together can detail a great deal about you. For this reason that’s why so many of us I’m sure are very careful l with the truths that we share about ourselves, and our lives. Intimate particulars in the wrong hands or place could lead to all kind of negative results. In other situations revealing data about yourself, and your life is necessary, and unavoidable. In the times when you apply for those things such as jobs, classes, places to live etc…. The statistics […]


The Purple Velvet Rope

Exclusivity is a word that never really mattered to me much. Like when a retailer will send you an invite to an exclusive sale or you receive an invitation to a private club. The overpriced sections at any event that are marked off by that infamous red velvet rope that tricks you into thinking that one side is different than the other. The area where only V.I.P.’s are allowed, and for the rest of the crowd the space is off limits. To tell you the truth I never felt any envy towards the folks that got behind that rope. I’ve

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