Whole, Half, 2%

Milk does a body good. Do you remember that campaign where everyone in the commercials would have a milk mustache and a smile? Milk was a star all on it’s own. Then the makeover happened to the white liquid. The choices once were simple; White, Chocolate, Strawberry. Now there is… Continue Reading…


Traffic Jam

I don’t know about you, but I’m one of the most impatient people in the world. I absolutely detest waiting for a long period of time for anything. They say that patience is a virtue, well I must admit that its a quality that I lack. Now that a lot… Continue Reading…


The Hue Factor

As young girl’s most of us were obsessed with our favorite things. We kept a collection of our favorite songs, we had posters of favorite music icons on the walls. If your anything like me you had a few of those huge Michael Jackson buttons, and a glitter glove or… Continue Reading…


Pressed Flat??????

One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is to go pick up my dry cleaning. I love to receive my perfectly cleaned and or tailored garments. There is nothing like stepping into those lovely garments that are soft, with that dry cleaned crisp finish. On my way… Continue Reading…


Business or Pleasure????

The beginning of a fresh relationship is like that first warm breeze of spring after a cold lonely winter. Everything is so lovely, exciting, and new! You are so into your significant other that everything that they do is adorable and cute. Just watching them walk across the room is… Continue Reading…


Pretty Covered

The weather is changing and becoming warmer. This is the time of year where the girls can have a little fun with wearing small bathing suits, and daisy dukes at the beach under the sun. The summer nights bring out the flowy feminine maxi dresses that accentuate our sun-kissed skin… Continue Reading…


Bilateral Symmetry

Do you remember when you were young, while at school or summer camp, and the teacher announced that it was craft time? For me, that teacher was Ms. Ali, and she wasn’t just glamorous but also fun. I would become so excited to create, color, draw, and glue things together.… Continue Reading…


Window Dressing???

Have you ever been out shopping and a window of a store was merchandised so well that it commanded your attention. You’re feet just started moving like they had a mind of their own. Sweeping you inside the store without asking your permission. Once you’re inside the store you realize… Continue Reading…



Hey Flygirl welcome to the Glitteratti! I’m so elated that you’ve stopped by to become informed on how to shine better and brighter. I’m so proud of you for taking the first step towards applying more glitz to your state of mind! I created Flygirl Glitter (FGG) to share with… Continue Reading…





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