The Letter I is no longer free!

Do you remember when we were little girls, and running around playing games with our friends was the highlight of our day? If you’re anything like me you couldn’t wait to get outside so you and your gang gang could figure out the logistics for lemon lime. Which of the group members that are going to turn the rope, or who was going to jump were very prized decisions that had to be considered carefully? The arrangement of the assignments for this coveted rope game set the tone for the rest of the day! Once jump rope commenced we would visit the corner store so we could have a snack while we planned to take over the world or at least beat the boys to the Wonder Bread Bakery.

Now that I’m a grown women reflecting on some of those childhood conversations I realized just how powerful we were then. If an adult asked any of us what you want to be when you grow up, we didn’t hesitate or worry about what the next person had to say. The answer would just fly right out of our mouths with confidence; I’m going to be…….. Our heads were held high, and with pride we voiced our future dreams.

Everyone in the group had a turn to shout out their future destination in this life. While each girl spoke with belief in her chosen profession everyone else respectfully listened intently with the only other sounds being heard were ooohs and aaahhs.

When my friend Wendy said I’m going to be a doctor, no one in the group felt the need to tell her that maybe being a nurse would be better. Her choice was accepted, and on most days encouraged. It turns my stomach to think that those days are gone bye bye.

How did we arrive at the place of group thinking? I’d like to know when the law was written that an individual’s ideology had to mirror everyone else’s. Please let me know the name of it so that I can have them to send it back immediately.

Everybody has the right to make a selection free of blame or shame because others need external validation to stand on their own square! The Iness of another’s beliefs doesn’t negate what you believe unless you choose to give them that power over your life. If someone chooses to not wear makeup instead of contouring, to wear flats rather than stilettos, to wear their hair natural rather than a weave, it’s their prerogative! After all isn’t variety the spice of life?

Choice is a simple word, but a powerful word. Just like it’s our right to make decisions for ourselves and our life, it’s also our right to choose to not allow external forces to affect us so much that we feel the need to project our fears, insecurities, and or preferences on to others.

When you live from an internal position you remain free and clear from needing external validation. The oasis that is your spirit just commands that you live and let live. This freedom extends to every aspect of your life and allows the very thread of the American fabric to remain intact. Rather in your personal life or on social media your mind is set in the understanding that different strokes are for different folks. So the next time that you see those four very influential words inside that little box that reads; what’s on your mind? Here’s a suggestion; when free minded people choose to share their opinions Ask yourself a question before becoming upset. How does them being themselves stop you from being you?



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