Grace Under Shade

The summer heat is unbearable which makes it very hard for me to enjoy long periods outside, especially those muggy days when the humidity wants to show everyone which girl is really the thickest. In those moments I’m secretly praying for an angry cyclone to blow so hard that it literally snatches off my clothes and takes my sweat glands along with it. Now on those sunny days that you can get some reprieve from the death rays are more to my liking. Chilling in a comfy spot under a tree being coddled like a newborn by the shade of it all transports this girl to another dimension. On the days that the sun is being a complete bitch with no remorse I sponsor my own shade with a fabulous parasol that compliments my outfit of course. In this regard having a shadow cast upon my image is a favorable position to be in. There are other situations when shade can be thrown and the negative shadow that is associated with the insults’ can be unbearable just like the heat of the high sun. I find that in most cases individuals feel the need to throw shade on a star.

The visible light that comes from a star’s essence is too bright for some, and dam near blinding for others. The version of me that was totally absorbed by ego would feel the need to go toe to toe and throw shade back in the direction in which it was received. However, the improved version that operates from a place of spiritual peace, and tranquility absorb the hate and transmutes the negativity into positivity. Ladies we are human, and not totally immune from being hurt by insults, nonetheless, we don’t have to allow negative statements against us to take residence in our subconscious. By remaining soundly planted on your square of self-knowledge you can adapt to the temperature without breaking a sweat by deflecting the darkness and residing in grace.


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Grace Under Shade

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